Design For Manufacturing services (DFM)

Creation of Concepts to design with manufacturing aspects is the core of our team to finalize reality into high precision detail work along with the complexity of the parts.


This requires comprehensive and simplifying processes which are monitored by our team to ensure best quality, durability, safety, sustainability and reliability.


For reducing unnecessary cost and time, our team plan and finalize material selection, cost estimation and its variation, various manufacturing processes to bring the product into production without any problems with respect to design point of view which may cause design related issues after production.

To help each and every product, we offer all design standards and geographical standards along with environment safety to fulfill international requirements.


In Computer Aided Design and Development, our proficient team are helping clients at each stage of production such as conceptualization of each product before starting process, to give measures on weight, interactions and interference of components, COG, strain and stress with load capacity which assist manufacturers to reduce time and cost.


Our team produces such drawings and models in which every detail design shown in configurations which enable more and complex detail to speed up production time.

Our Process Flow