MEP and HVAC services

Out team of technocrats caters Heat ventilation and Air conditioning (HVAC) design and drafting services as well as Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) to minimize the time by giving it to us to get best quality with reduced operating cost and increase your position while comparing with your competitors.


In HVAC design and drafting services, we cover Heating, Cooling and Ventilation system design and drafting such as direct vent heating, Oil and gas burners, Thermostats, Refrigeration, Air-cooled and lubricant cooled chiller systems, tunnel ventilation, basement ventilation and many more.


In MEP design and drafting services, specifically in mechanical our expertise team with vast knowledge including duct layout drawings, head loss and gain calculation, Heating and cooling system, CFO analysis, while in electrical,

we cover power and lighting systems, fire protection and equipment positioning such as camera systems, and in Plumbing, our team creates and develops water line systems with the piping fixtures, Plumbing systems of industries, residential and commercial complex, plumbing system of plants and oil and gas industries, water waste collections and calculations, Fire-fighting systems and Runner Riser systems.

Our skilled experience drafters help architects, interior designers and engineers to meet the exact requirement of global clients.


We are able to give our clients to reach out with public health, safety standards and different standard codes and applying it with the drawings.


To achieve the best comfort level, out team assures our client to provide best environment along with creative design of architectural concepts.

Types of support services and innovations we offer in HVAC and MEP

Industrial Building

Hospitals and Federation buildings

Retail stores with concepts

Residential complex and buildings

Mining industries

Developing institutions and plant design