Sheet Metal design

Sheet metal is widely used in fabrication industry for various purposes. However, not everyone knows the best bending radius for different material sheet metal

We can design sheet metal parts with a systematic and precise approach to minimize the waste of material.


We use special techniques and some rare features of CAD tools to shape functional and aesthetic of a sheet metal part or component.


We also follow international standards like ASME to produce high quality sheet metal design for any part or component to meet high standards of our global valuable clients.

Our core in sheet metal design is

  • Importing and exporting components or 3D models with sheet metal properties including K-factor, thickness and bend radius.
  • Costing and estimation for sheet metal design component with process time.
  • Applications like fire proofing, instrument and equipment design from sheet metal components.
  • Best understanding of material helps to reduce wastage of material along with less manufacturing processes.

Process Flow